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Treatment for Chronic Pain

Pain can be described as chronic if it lasts more than three months. Chronic pain can be debilitating. It can affect every aspect of a sufferer's life, including the ability to sleep and work. It might be caused by a traumatic event like a car accident, or it might be caused by an underlying medical condition like spinal stenosis or even nervous tension that causes headaches. Our chiropractor at Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness has extensive training and experience in treating patients for chronic pain from injuries and other causes.

Types of Chronic Pain

The first type of condition that we treat are musculoskeletal disorders. These involve injuries to or conditions of the bones, joints, spine, discs, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Most often, a musculoskeletal condition will affect the patient's neck or back. The other type of chronic pain that we provide chiropractic care for is neuropathic pain. This is the sudden burning sensation or shooting pain that many of our patients feel going down an arm or leg.


Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

A key component of chiropractic care is the concept that human function is at its peak when the spine is in alignment and the body is balanced. For example, a spinal issue in a patient's neck can involve his or her shoulder, arm, and hand. For many musculoskeletal injuries and neuropathic disorders, the adjustment and correction of the spinal misalignments ensure that the integral components of the body are back in place.

The Nervous and Circulatory Systems

The spine acts as a major passageway for the body's nervous and circulatory systems. Spinal misalignment can also cause interference with the signals between the brain and the body and create circulatory difficulties. As your body cannot get the signals and nutrients to the damaged areas, injuries and other medical conditions have a difficult recovery. Chiropractic care and treatment coupled with other therapies along with at-home exercises can provide tension relief, naturally reduce pain, and restore full function and mobility.

Chronic Pain and Tension Relief in Lake Worth, FL

If you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic pain, visit us at Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness. We will perform a thorough examination and create a treatment plan that is designed to relieve your pain and restore your range of motion. Chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to pain medication or invasive procedures like surgery. Call us today at 561-547-2210 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cacic.


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