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Holistic Care FAQs

Chiropractic Care Is Holistic Care

Dr. Jack J. Cacic at Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness practices holistic health care. But what is holistic chiropractic health care? Here are Dr. Cacic's answers to your frequently asked questions.


What is holistic chiropractic care?

Many doctors only have time to treat your symptoms. Holistic chiropractic care takes the time to get to know you as a human being, not just as a collection of disease symptoms. Your chiropractor who practices holistic chiropractic care will get to know you and your health issues well enough to treat the causes of your health conditions, not just the symptoms of your diseases.

How does your chiropractor accomplish holistic chiropractic care?

Your body has immense resources for keeping you healthy, as long as chronic imbalances don't interfere with the process. At one level, your chiropractor is an expert in correcting misalignment of the spine, which can interfere with the transmission of nerve messages that keep your body pain-free and in metabolic balance. A practitioner of holistic chiropractic care goes beyond that to recognize the nutrients your body needs and how your hormones are, or aren't, in healthy balance. An amazing number of common health conditions are tied into poor alignment of your spine caused by subtle injuries you might not even remember, but every practitioner of holistic chiropractic care is a good health detective, looking for ways to help your body bring you the health you desire.

Is there anything obviously different about holistic chiropractic care?

Two features of the treatment you will get at your chiropractor's office stand out. One is that you won't be prescribed any addictive pain-killing drugs. Or any prescription drugs, for that matter.

The other is that chiropractors don't do surgery. They sometimes follow up after needed surgical care, and sometimes they repair the damage that isn't addressed in surgical care, especially for back issues. Day to day chiropractic treatment is entirely safe and non-surgical.

What can I expect during my first visit?

Your chiropractor will take a detailed health history. Chiropractors explore issues that other healthcare providers don't have time to ask you about. 

Your chiropractor will assess your posture and probably take some x-rays if there are indications of damage to your spine. After analyzing your health concerns, you chiropractor will lay out your options and explain any therapy you need. Only when you and your chiropractor are both on board with your diagnosis.

The best time to start holistic chiropractic therapy is now.

The sooner you embark on the path of holistic chiropractic treatment, the sooner you can overcome the nagging, chronic health issues that keep you from fully enjoying your life. Request an appointment online or call us at 561-547-2210. The offices of Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness are located at 17 North H Street, Lake Worth, FL, 33460.



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