Football Injuries

A football injury or other sports injury doesn’t have to mean the end of the game forever. Our Lake Worth chiropractor, Dr. Jack Cacic, has been helping people with pain relief, rehabilitation and recovery from all types of injuries for more than a decade. A football injury often comes with pain and restricted movement that can last for years if not properly treated. We provide proper treatment by designing an all-natural recovery program based on your specific needs.

Common Football Injury Lake Worth Types and Treatments

Our football injury treatments varies depends on the type of injury that you have sustained. Some of the more common football injuries we see include ankle sprains, knee injuries, herniated discs and concussions. Treatment programs often consist of physical therapy exercises, heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation and chiropractic adjustments. Our overall aim with any football injury for Lake Worth patients is to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, expedite the healing process, and help prevent future injuries.

Ankle sprains are caused by the abnormal twisting or rolling of the foot, which often results in a ligament stretching or tearing. Our sports injury treatment plan for an ankle sprain usually consists of exercises to help with the pain, swelling and range of motion, along with a therapy to speed up the healing process. Electrical stimulation and heat and cold therapy can increase blood flow and flush out toxins from the injured tissue.

Knee injuries and chronic knee pain is another common ailment with a football injury. Pain and limited movement can come from damage to the area ligaments, tendons, and the fluid-filled sac, or bursae, which surrounds the knee. Patellar tendonitis, osteoarthritis, overuse and improper movements can also contribute to pain and restricted mobility. Our treatment for knee injuries depends on the cause of your injury; improper movements often stem from a misalignment in the spine. As a result, your treatment plan may include a chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy.

Another common sports injury treatment plan involves correction of a herniated disc. Forceful impacts can throw a disc out of alignment and cause it to put painful pressure on surrounding nerves. Here our program may involve an adjustment and physical therapy to strengthen the area and prevent future injuries.

Whether your injury requires physical therapy or a chiropractic adjustment, Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness is here to help. Please contact us for more information on our football injury treatment plans so we can help get you back in the game as soon as possible.


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