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Herniated Disc Treatment from Our Lake Worth ChiropractorChiropractor Diagnosing and treating herniated disk in Lake Worth, FL

If you have been involved in a traumatic event such as an auto accident, you shouldn't be too surprised about that neck or back pain -- but why are you also experiencing strange shooting pains in your limbs, tingling hands, numb feet and other odd symptoms? These troubles indicate a possible herniated disc. Fortunately, our Lake Worth chiropractor at Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness provides natural, non-surgical herniated disc care.

An auto accident can jolt the spinal column so hard that a rip develops in a vertebral disc's outer casing. This causes the inner material to push its way out onto nearby nerve roots, affecting signaling to all the nerves that branch out from that nerve root. The herniation itself can also produce severe pain. Our conservative treatments for this injury include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - If our range of diagnostic tests and evaluations show that an underlying spinal misalignment is "putting the squeeze" on your discs, our Lake Worth chiropractor can perform a variety of safe, effective adjustments to bring your spine back in line.
  • Manual decompression - By administering gentle flexion-distraction force to your spine, we can create a negative pressure that pulls your herniated discs away from sensitive nerve roots, eliminating the nerve impingement that can cause so many symptoms. the negative pressure also replenishes the disc with water and healing nutrients in the process.
  • Massage therapy - Your auto accident may have caused soft tissue damage as well as herniated discs, resulting in muscle pain and tension that only makes your symptoms worse. Massage therapy can relieve that pain and inflammation while loosening the muscles so they can respond more fully to chiropractic care.
  • Myofascial release - This technique focuses on relieving tension in the fascia, a layer of connective tissue running throughout the body, to further relieve physical tensions that contribute to herniated disc and auto accident injury pain. We may prescribe it as a supplement to other therapies.
  • Stretching exercises - Stretching exercises can help you restore full pain-free range of motion to the injury site. This improved flexibility can also help your body compensate for future bumps and jolts more easily.
  • Core strengthening - Core strengthening works on the "core" muscles in your pelvis, lower back and lower abdomen that support your spinal column, allow for straight posture and make you more resilient again injury.
  • Postural correction - If a longstanding postural problem has allowed your spine to slip into a herniation-prone alignment, we need to correct that imbalance. A combination of periodic spinal screenings, chiropractic adjustments, a regular exercise program and ergonomic lifestyle changes can all help you enjoy a healthier spine with less chance of future disc herniation.

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