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The Trauma Causing a Concussion can Cause More Than a Brain Injury

A concussion is a serious brain injury. Thankfully, today there is a greater understanding of the effects caused by a concussion than in the past. In addition to being a brain injury, the cause of the concussion could also have caused other injuries. These injuries add to your pain and loss of mobility. The professionals at Lake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness in Lake Worth, FL will provide you with the proper treatment to minimize the physical effects of your concussion.


What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a major brain injury caused by the rapid back and forth movement of the brain. The rapid movement can stretch the brain tissues and cells, causing damage. This damage can cause the brain cells not to function correctly and hinder communication with each other. Malfunctioning brain cells affect your memory, balance, and can lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

Additional Physical Problems Caused by a Concussion

The concussion itself may not cause any physical problems needing a chiropractor, but how you got the concussion may. An auto accident injury, a sports injury, or a slip and fall may have caused your concussion. But in addition, they may have also created a misalignment somewhere in your spinal column.

A vertebra out of place can put a lot of pressure on a nerve. The pressure on a nerve can send pain shooting out to the affected part of your body. A limb may go numb. You may lose muscle control. You may start experiencing headaches and migraines. 

How a Chiropractor Assists in Alleviating Problems Caused by a Concussion

If your concussion happened during an auto accident, your concussion could be in conjunction with whiplash. The forceful rapid back and forth movement of your head causing the concussion could also have overextended your neck muscles in both directions. It also could have caused a neck vertebra to go out of alignment. 

Whiplash will cause stiffness and pain in your neck. The pain can travel over to your shoulders and down your arms. You will not be able to turn your head or bend your neck as before. Chronic headaches and migraines can become a problem.

If your concussion was caused by a blow lower in your body, then a spinal injury could have occurred lower on your spine. You could start experiencing extreme pain in your hip, buttocks, and down your legs. Being able to stand up can become a problem. Moving your legs can become painful and difficult. 

Your chiropractor will give you a complete exam to determine the source location of your symptoms. Pain killers may help the pain for a while, but they will not fix what is causing the pain. Your chiropractor has several methods to realign the affected vertebra and strengthen the muscles holding it in place. Pressure will be removed from the nerve, allowing it to function properly. The pain will start to decrease and your muscles will start to return to normal functioning.

Get the Needed Help at Lake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness

A concussion can affect more than just brain function. The trauma that caused your concussion could also have affected your spine, creating pain, headaches, and muscle mobility issues. The fine staff at Lake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness in Lake Worth, FL will help you to lessen the physical effects and ease your pain. Schedule an appointment with us today to start on the road to better health. You can call us at 561-547-2210!


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