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Headache Relief at Lake Worth Chiropractic and WellnessLake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness, provide a holistic, natural, drug-free approach to headache relief to Palm Beach and Lake Worth Fl Residents

Our Lake Worth chiropractor, Dr. Jack J. Cacic, understands the frustration and pain that accompany headaches. Dr. Cacic and the entire health team at Lake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness invite local residents and those throughout Palm Beach County to visit us for headache relief. Chiropractic care is a natural alternative to taking pain medication and is longer-lasting. For instance, when your pain medication wears off, your headache returns since you have not addressed the cause of the head pain. However, with chiropractic care, your headaches are alleviated at the source which reduces their recurrence and intensity.

Lessen Headache Stress with our Lake Worth Chiropractor

Dr. Cacic uses a holistic approach to dealing with your headaches. He uses a complete health overview to determine any headache triggers and then develops an individualized plan to alleviate your pain. Our health team is dedicated to bringing you headache relief and we use services such as:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Cacic gently adjusts your neck and back to position your spine in the strongest alignment. These adjustments also eliminate any vertebrae that have slipped out of place and are pressing on nerves leading to your headaches. As your body learns to remain in a straighter position, your muscle tension decreases which also lessens your head pain.

Nutritional Support

We examine your dietary needs to evaluate foods that may be headache triggers. We also help you identify any nutrients you are lacking, which may be placing your body in a state of stress and causing headaches. We show you the value of remaining hydrated to avoid triggering a headache also.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy services partner extremely well with chiropractic adjustments for eliminating headache frequency and intensity. Massage therapy reduces mental and physical stress to help you relax. Our therapist is able to massage deep muscle layers to reduce scar tissue that may be increasing muscle tension in your neck and upper back and pulling your head out of alignment.

Corrective Exercises

If we find your head is tilting forward, backward or to one side, chiropractic adjustments position your neck, but we also teach exercises to stabilize your posture. We show you how to stretch muscles that are tight and how to improve weaker muscles for a greater balance.

Injury Recovery

If your headaches are sudden and the result of an auto accident or sports injury, our Lake Worth chiropractor reduces inflammation and positions your body to begin healing. As your body recovers, your headaches decrease.

Lifestyle Guidance

Our chiropractor shows you better ways to position your computer station, work area, sleep area and car seat to reflect a healthier posture. 

Schedule Drug-Free Pain Management Today

At Lake Worth Chiropractic and Wellness, we provide a holistic approach to alleviate your headaches. As we eliminate the source of your head pain, even if it is a spinal malformation such as scoliosis, your headaches decrease and you feel more productive. To learn more about our chiropractic care plans, please call us today at (561) 547-2210.

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