Neck Pain

Neck Pain Management

Our Lake Worth chiropractor, Dr. Cacic, is very experienced and highly-skilled at helping people accomplish long-term pain management and healing from neck pain. Dr. Cacic’s drug-free, multifaceted approach to diagnosing, relieving and working to prevent further pains in the neck has given our patients the relief they need to get back to their optimal wellness.

Dr. Cacic starts with a full examination and medical history to discover the underlying reason for your neck pain. Usually, there are two general causes of pain in the cervical region of the spine: a sudden injury like whiplash, or consistently poor posture habits.

Poor posture may mean sitting hunched over your computer so that the natural curve of your neck starts to extend forward, which is unnatural and unhealthy. It could mean sleeping on the wrong pillow for years and always waking up with stiff neck.

Sudden injuries like whiplash happen in situations where the head is jolted back and forth very quickly, causing the vertebrae to grate against each other. Whiplash is the most common car accident injury in America, but it can also be caused by slipping and falling, sports accidents and even carnival rides. Whiplash pinches nerves and injures the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the correct alignment of your neck, all of which leads to pain. Keep in mind, though, that whiplash is often a delayed-onset injury, meaning that the symptoms do not always appear right after the injury occurs; sometimes it could take hours, days or even weeks. If you find yourself in a situation like this, do not wait to call our chiropractor until the symptoms arise.

The specific symptoms of posture problems and whiplash injuries share many commonalities. Neck pain and stiffness and reduced range of motion are the most common. But headaches, vision problems, sleep disturbances, fatigue and irritability may also arise.

Dr. Cacic offers a wide range of pain management therapies designed to get you back into a pain-free state. He can perform precise, gentle spinal adjustments to realign vertebrae in the neck. This will relieve pinched nerves, which is very effective for pain management.

In addition to the immediate pain relief of chiropractic adjustments, we also offer complementary therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle recommendations. Massage and therapeutic exercise are very important in addressing soft tissue strains and injuries because they help retrain and heal the soft tissues to they can support health neck posture. Lifestyle advice includes recommendations on more ergonomic ways to work on your posture so that you do not suffer re-injury later on.

If you suffer from neck pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Cacic today: (561) 909-4932.


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