Back Pain FAQs

Lake Worth Chiropractor Answers Your Back Pain Questions

What are the most common causes of back pain?

Patients may experience a multitude of causes to their back pain. A car accident injury, sports injury, tripping and falling down or lifting a heavy object improperly can all trigger back pain episodes. During sudden events like car accident injuries, the spine and its supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments are suddenly jolted and strained. Long-term poor posture habits and poor physical conditioning can also lead to back pain.

I was in a car accident days ago and just started feeling back pain; are they related?

Most likely, yes. The trick with car accident injuries is that symptoms often come hours to days later, instead of immediately. This is why it is so important to come in for a chiropractic checkup as soon as possible after any traumatic accident, before the injury becomes stiff and painful. Dr. Cacic can diagnose both vertebral misalignments (subluxations) that are pinching nerves, and evaluate the soft tissues and recommend a course of chiropractic care to start the healing and pain relief process.

What should I do if I struggle with back pain?

First of all, do not ignore it. Pain is a signal telling you that something is wrong and needs to be repaired. Come in to see our Lake Worth chiropractor as soon as possible for an evaluation. Dr. Cacic can pinpoint the reasons behind the pain and design an individual treatment program.

How do chiropractic adjustments alleviate back pain?

Whether from a car accident injury or poor posture and ergonomics at work, misaligned vertebrae and poorly-conditioned or injured soft tissues can pinch the nerves coming from your spinal cord, between the vertebrae and out to the rest of your body. Dr. Cacic uses gentle, precise thrusts and pressure on specific points of the spine to return the spine to its proper alignment. This releases pinched nerves, and the pain relief can be remarkable. In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, we also teach patients therapeutic exercises to relieve soft tissue strains and help patients retrain their core for better posture, and to avoid future bouts of back pain.

How can I prevent back pain?

While you cannot always avoid a car accident injury, you can do many things to keep your back healthy. Regular chiropractic care maintenance adjustments assure that your spine is always in proper alignment with the nerves operating optimally. Staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight are also essential, as is practicing good posture habits and making sure your work area is arranged ergonomically.

Please call us at (561) 909-4932 if you have any other questions. Dr. Cacic can give you individualized treatment and advice to relieve your back pain.


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