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Have you noticed that your joints have started to feel a little tight and achy lately? A little joint pain can be common, especially when you take part in activities that put a lot of strain on your body. Joint pain and stiffness can also be a sign of aging, as the cartilage in your joints starts to deteriorate over time. When your body feels stiff and painful, your walk becomes a little slower, your reflexes aren't as sharp and you just start to feel tired and under the weather.

Lake Worth Pain Management

Massage Therapy Integral Part of Pain Management

Massage therapy can help reduce the pain, inflammation and stiffness in your joints. This type of treatment can particularly benefit people who live in Lake Worth, FL, who are very active. Chiropractic therapy involves treating joint aches, back pain, hip pain and sport's related injuries. If you are an athlete, regular chiropractic adjustments can help you perform at your peak. All of these conditions can worsen and become very painful in humid weather, but regular massage therapy and chiropractic treatments help your body relax, release toxins and heal more quickly. Severe strain and tension can weaken the body and limit mobility. Once treated, your body will feel more flexible and less painful. This allows your mind to get back in the game, and your body to be less prone to accidents caused by muscle strain or weakness.

Not everyone likes to play sports on a regular basis. The good news is that you do not have to be an athlete in order to benefit from a chiropractic adjustment or a deep tissue massage. In fact, many people who suffer from chronic joint and hip pain as well as anxiety or blood pressure problems can also benefit from this type of treatment, which can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. Chiropractic treatments can be part of your regular relaxation routine or a great complement to your other medical treatments.

Even if you do not suffer from chronic pain, you can still enjoy massage therapy and chiropractic care as part of your regular wellness regime. Massage Therapy and chiropractic adjustments help relieve stress and reduce anxiety caused by day to day activities. When you reduce anxiety in your mind, cortisol levels go down in the body, which can help you maintain optimal mental and cardiovascular health. If you have a high pressure job, such as running a business or taking care of children all day, massage therapy can help you ride out the stress and feel your best.

Feeling a little stiff in your joints? Do you have chronic joint pain or hip pain? Need some help getting rid of stress? Make an appointment with our office today.


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