Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle & Motorcycle Injuries

Dr. Jack Cacic has over 15 years of chiropractic care in Palm Beach County. Due to our warmer southern climate, Dr. Cacic frequently treat patients who are seeking relief from pain caused by bicycle and motorcycle injuries. In a car accident your injuries may be localized to a specific part of your body, depending on the nature of the impact. Bicycle and motorcycle accidents, however, can result in a wider range of injuries because your body is more exposed when riding on these vehicles. Injuries in these accidents can involve the back, neck, shoulders, muscles, arms, knees, and joints. The soft tissues that support your neck and spinal column may be injured.

When it comes to bicycle and motorcycle injuries, your neck and spine may be pushed out of alignment, which can cause discs in your spinal column to herniate or bulge. When this happens the disc may press on sensitive nerve endings, causing pain in other areas of your body. You may also experience whiplash during these accidents if you are involved in some type of a collision where you are thrown off your bicycle and motorcycle and forcefully hit the ground.


Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Lake Worth, FL

Dr. Cacic takes a whole person approach to treating bicycle and motorcycle injuries, working to promote and support the healing tendencies inherent in your body without relying on prescription drugs. His first goal is to provide pain management and restore your spinal column to its natural alignment. This may involve hands-on chiropractic care to realign your spine, reduce the effects of whiplash, and alleviate pressure caused by any herniated discs. 

After this initial phase, he will move on to providing rehabilitation and restoring range of motion. This may involve continuing the hands-on care and combining it with several forms of physical therapy. Physical therapy is helpful in stretching muscles that may have become weakened during the recovery phase, increasing strength, and restoring a full range of motion. Dr. Cacic may add electrical stimulation or heat and cold therapy as part of your rehabilitative process.

If you sustained bicycle or motorcycle injuries, Dr. Cacic urges you to discover what exceptional chiropractic care and wellness can do for you so you can get back on the road again.


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