Prenatal Massage

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage for Pregnant Women?

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Pregnancy is a joyful time in a woman's life but middle to late pregnancy brings a variety of discomforts due to weight gain, hormone release, joint swelling and pressure on the lower back and pelvis. To relieve aches, pains, and moodiness, your Lake Worth chiropractor recommends prenatal massage therapy in addition to physician-directed prenatal care to relieve your pregnancy-related health issues.

What to Expect During a Prenatal Massage

Body position depends on how far along a woman is in her pregnancy. Women more than five months pregnant often prefer to lay on their side while our licensed massage therapist massages the back, legs, shoulders, and feet. After getting comfortable on a specially padded table, pregnant women can expect their licensed massage therapist to ask questions during the massage, such as "does this feel good?" and "would you like me to continue massaging in this area?" Swedish massage techniques are commonly used during a prenatal massage that involves gentle massaging of muscles with long, slow strokes meant to alleviate muscle cramps, promote blood flow to sore muscles and relieve swelling. A Swedish massage also addresses musculoskeletal soreness caused by fluctuating hormone levels.

Joint Swelling

Pregnancy interferes with the circulation of lymph fluids and blood by increasing pressure on larger blood vessels. A prenatal massage helps stimulate the body's soft tissues to decrease fluid collection in joints, feet, and hands.

Nerve Pain

Many pregnant women experience sciatic nerve pain later in their pregnancy. This happens when the uterus descends onto lower back and pelvic floor muscles and puts extreme pressure on sciatic nerve extensions. A massage for pregnant women releases muscle tension to reduce compression of nerves and ease sciatica pain.

Moodiness and Anxiety

Prenatal massage therapy not only stimulates the release of endorphins (pain and stress-relieving hormones) to help regulate mood but also increases levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter mediating mood, sleep, appetite, and memory. During pregnancy, hormone fluctuations may interfere with the ability of the brain to maintain normal levels of serotonin. In addition, many women find that receiving prenatal massage therapy after childbirth may help prevent fatigue and moodiness until their body chemistry returns to normal.

Lower Back Pain

Pressure on lower back joints, poor posture and hormones contribute to the most common complaint heard from pregnant women--low back pain. Your Lake Worth massage therapists can alleviate your back pain with a relaxing prenatal massage designed to ease tense muscles, soothe stressed joints and provide drug-free pain relief during your pregnancy.

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